460 S Gilbert Rd. Mesa, AZ 85204

We are a Complete Auto Repair shop with Certified Technicians, the services we offer.

·       Tune-ups

·       Auto Air Conditioning

·       Brakes

·       Wheel Alignment

Our Philosophy on Flushes:

One thing that is common in our industry is "Maintenance Flushes" You will find a lot of shops, dealerships, quick lube shops, or car washes that advertise a very low price for an oil change. Many of these shops will sell an oil change as a "HOOK" to get you into the shop. Once they begin services, they attempt to "UP SELL" additional services. They try to sell transmission fluid flushes, power steering fluid flushes, brake fluid flushes, coolant flushes, fuel injection flushes and even engine oil flushes. They sometimes lead you to believe that if you don't flush all those fluids now, your car may become unsafe to drive.

We believe that in most cases, the only purpose of maintenance flushes is to flush your money down the drain. We service transmissions and cooling systems at the scheduled interval recommended by the manufacturer. We will replace brake fluid when normal brake repairs are performed. When you come in for service, you will not be pressured to buy any maintenance flushes!